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  • Child water safety project
  • World Red Cross Day in Taiwan, thank all our volunteers
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  • 10 Years Since 2009 Typhoon Morakot
Japanese Red Cross Society staff was handling relief materials

【Typhoon Hagibis Caused devastating disasters in Japan. Taiwan Red Cross sent a letter of condolence】 【2019/10/15】

The super Typhoon Hagibis made landfall in Shizuoka Prefecture on 12nd evening and brought widespread torrential and strong wind northward. There were rivers overflowing in the T okyo metropolitan, causing the river bank destroyed and even the Shinkansen flooded. It was the strongest typhoon to invade Japan for the past 60years. Currently, it...More

2019/10/08 - 【Delivering consolation to the relatives of the two Pilipino victims by the accident...
2019/08/19 - 【The Red Cross Society Disaster Relief Team strengthened their skills in disaster...
2019/08/03 - 【The 10th Anniversary of Typhoon Morakot 】
2019/07/30 - 【TRC for water-safety curriculum in Army Guandu Command】
2019/07/23 - 【Rock jumper rescued after being hit at Taiwan's Longdong Bay】
2019/07/19 - 【That time her cerebrovascular in Xiamen】
2019/07/19 - 【Off Red Cross fingers met incubated disaster prevention can species】
2019/07/10 - 【No ice here! Floor Curling into TRC's seniors class today】
2019/07/08 - Now!《Education Parenting Family Life》July 2019 to Publishes an advertisement of...
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