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  • The third Distribution of consolation money in Hualien
  • 10th Anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake
  • Smiles at Swimming Pool in Qing Shui High School
  • Give Volunteers A Hand on International Volunteer Day!
  • Annual Fundraising Project “Everywhere for Everyone” is activated now!
PRCS’ Disaster Management Camp

【Sahar Abou Hadid: A well-Prepared Housewife】 【2018/08/01】

Driven by a strong desire to learn and to help others, housewife Sahar Abou Hadid (25) who lives with her family in Dura in the southern West Bank recently partook in the Disaster Management Camp organized by PRCS ’ Disaster Management Unit in Khirbet Kais in the northern West Bank. Sahar has been volunteering with the Society ’s local...More

2018/06/22 - 【Disaster Preparedness ~ Typhoon and Torrential Rain】
2018/06/22 - 【The 8th Straits Red Cross Humanity Forum debuted on June 6】
2018/06/04 - 【Smiles at Swimming Pool in Qing Shui High School】
2018/05/17 - 【Celebrating Mother’s Day, A Singing Show by Senior Volunteers in Banqiao】
2018/05/17 - 【10th Anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake】
2018/05/17 - 【The third Distribution of consolation money with total of NT$19.88 million】
2018/05/10 - 【Taipei Detention Center, Taiwan Red Cross offer long-term care courses】
2018/05/10 - 【311 Eastern Japan Earthquake】
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