The Red Cross Society of The Republic of China(Taiwan)

Haiti Project

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A magnitude 7 earthquake struck Haiti on 12 January 2010, seriously damaging buildings in the capital and surrounding areas. The natural disaster left more than 200,000 dead, 300,000 injured and over one million displaced.

In 2011, the Taiwan Red Cross and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs began a joint construction plan called New Hope Village, located in Haiti ’s St. Michel Municipality in the Savane Diana Plateau, which includes 200 rural households, a school, teachers’ office and dormitory, village office and health center. New Hope Village was completed on 30 June 2012, offering housing and aid to thousands of inhabitants on their path to start anew.

Taiwan takes first place in disaster reconstruction
Villagers look on at the commemoration ceremony
On 18 August 2012, President Ching-Feng Wang of Taiwan Red Cross, Executive Supervisor Er-Zhong Cao, ROC Ambassador to Haiti Bang-Zyh Liu and Haitian officials attended the completion ceremony. President Wang, Ambassador Liu, and the Haiti Minister of Foreign Affairs Pierre-Richard Casimir jointly unveiled the commemorative monument. The group also visited local farmhouses, public facilities, schools and the village office to witness the completion of New Hope Village. The village was the first completed reconstruction case of all international relief plans.

Improving educational facilities and water supply
Students wearing new uniforms
At the request of local Mayor Michelle Lisette Casimir, New Hope Village School's first school term began on 15 October 2012. Taiwan Red Cross provided 630 sets of uniforms and donated desks and chairs.

To improve the condition of local water, the Taiwan Red Cross cooperated with the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Foundation on a water supply plan which was completed 11 April 2014. The plan meets the needs of New Hope Village’s 200 households, public areas, village schools and health centers, which consume a total of 94.78 tons of water daily. Additionally, the plan provides irrigation water for 50 hectares of farmland and has established a water supply operation and management system in order to ensure the sustainability of New Hope Village.