The Red Cross Society of The Republic of China(Taiwan)

Local Geography & Disasters

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In order to be thoroughly prepared, we must first understand that Taiwan is vulnerable to many natural disasters. With Japan to the north and the Philippines to the south, Taiwan is located on the Pan-Pacific seismic belt, sitting on the collision point of the Eurasian and the Philippine Sea Plates. As a result, it is prone to typhoons, earthquakes, mudslides and floods caused by heavy rains. There are also man-made disasters: fires, toxic (chemical) spills or traffic disasters, such as plane crashes or train derailments.

With the above understanding, we conducted the Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis (VCA). Utilizing the results of the VCA, the Society worked with village communities to draft Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR) plans, disaster preparedness plans based on analysis conducted on the region's most common disasters.