The Red Cross Society of The Republic of China(Taiwan)

Domestic Relief

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Domestic Relief
Establishing a regional exchange platform that provides comprehensive disaster prevention information, training, and support, and building partnerships for disaster prevention are currently the most
important issues for the Taiwan Red Cross. Relief work is complex, so disaster response must be planned fully in advance in order to be thoroughly prepared.

Disasters should no longer be treated as individual, isolated events. Instead, one must consider if the event may expand and endanger surrounding regions, or quite possibly impact all humanity.

Since the establishment of the Central Emergency Operation Center in July 2004, the Society has deployed staff to the Center to assist with the provision of temporary housing for disaster victims and the allocation of relief supplies. All of our branches have been incorporated into local government disaster response systems, offering manpower and relief supplies during relief missions. The Society has established major disaster rescue teams in the northern, central, southern and eastern regions of Taiwan. In the future, training sessions and drills will be periodically conducted in preparation for providing the government with assistance during disaster relief efforts. This is a positive example of a nation’s government and civil society joining together to prevent or respond to disasters. Being included in national efforts towards disaster preparation and relief is also a form of recognition for the Society's efforts after the 921 Earthquake.

Central Disaster Response Center
The Society participating in a
Central Disaster Response meeting