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Innovation and Transformation President Wei-Ta Pan brings a New Vision to the Taiwan Red Cross

Dr. Wei-Ta Pan, former President of Soochow University, has been elected as the 23rd President of the Taiwan Red Cross. Over the next four years (2024-2028), he will infuse the organization with energy and vitality, drawing on his extensive experience working with young people.
Soochow University has been a long-time group member of the Taiwan Red Cross. During Dr. Pan's tenure as president, he attended the annual general meetings as a representative, demonstrating a hands-on approach and a deep concern for promoting humanitarianism in Taiwan. In 2020, at the invitation of former President Ching-Feng Wang, he joined the board of directors and was subsequently elected Vice President. Dr. Pan's exemplary leadership and dedication have earned him the respect and admiration of faculty and students. He is also actively involved in various non-governmental organizations, including the Cross-Strait Legal Studies Association, the Judicial Reform Foundation, the Chinese Arbitration Association, and the Modern Women's Foundation. Wherever human rights are needed, Dr. Pan's presence is felt.
As the new leader of the Taiwan Red Cross, President Pan has pledged to diligently build on the existing foundation. Domestically, he plans to enhance the cultivation of humanitarian values among the youth. Internationally, he aims to maintain a clear and neutral stance, fostering increased collaboration with Red Cross organizations worldwide to further humanitarian efforts.
President Wei-Ta Pan expressed his hopes for the Taiwan Red Cross at the inauguration ceremony by quoting the English proverb, "Every cloud has a silver lining." He anticipates that the organization will shine with Taiwanese humanitarianism during international crises.