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Sri Lanka Project

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Caught in nearly three decades of civil war and ravaged once more by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, the residents of northern Sri Lanka have lost practically everything and still have a long road to recovery. These people all share a common, heart-rending memory of years upon years enduring vicious crossfire and hardships in the face of disaster.

The Taiwan Red Cross has finished reconstruction of 58 houses in the war-torn village of Kokkuthoduvai in Mullaitivu after the typhoon. There are still, however, 60 households within the area in desperate need of aid, with millions more scattered throughout northern Sri Lanka. With these civilians in mind, we launched the Northern Sri Lanka Post-war Recovery Project in the hopes to raise NTD 10,507,500 for these families to rebuild their homes.

We ask you to support the Northern Sri Lanka Post-war Recovery Project so that we can assist these 140 households in reclaiming their lives. Even the smallest donation can help Kokkuthoduvai village toward recovery. Let us pass on Taiwan’s love to Sri Lanka and work together with locals to build a new homeland full of hope!

In 2011, the Taiwan Red Cross and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs began a joint construction plan called New Hope Village, located in Haiti ’s St. Michel Municipality in the Savane Diana Plateau, which includes 200 rural households, a school, teachers’ office and dormitory, village office and health center. New Hope Village was completed on 30 June 2012, offering housing and aid to thousands of inhabitants on their path to start anew.

Almost 30 years of displacement and civil unrest have devastated northern Sri Lanka.
Yet here, we witness a young man who was fortunate enough to have survived a shower of bullets and is determined to live on without resentment; here, we witness a family of five who no longer fear for their future, because they now own 2 cows, 50 chickens and a small banana plantation.

The scars left behind by 30 years of displacement triggered by civil war are difficult to erase. With the help of Taiwan Red Cross’ Building Reconstruction and Livelihood Funding Project, Konsnatian Malanatnan’s family returned to Mullaitivu’s Kokkuthoduvai Village on January 9, 2011, two years after the war had ended. The family of five returned to build a home to call their own.

A simple home, 2 cows, 50 chickens, and a small banana plantation—a fresh, stable start for a happy family.

At the request of local Mayor Michelle Lisette Casimir, New Hope Village School's first school term began on 15 October 2012. Taiwan Red Cross provided 630 sets of uniforms and donated desks and chairs.

27-year-old Geaneshamowrthy Sureskanth is another Sri Lankan hailing from Kokkuthoduvai Village. When we bring up the civil war, he removes his shirt to show us scars left by bullets and shelling attacks on his thin body.

Almost all Mullaitivu locals have experienced shelling attacks first-hand. Some have even lost family to the war. The effects of war on people are not limited to just physical injuries or pain, but also include long-term emotional distress, which might only mend with love and the passing of time.

The Red Cross invites you to help renew the hopes of and offer your love and support for these victims in need of assistance.