The Red Cross Society of The Republic of China(Taiwan)

Typhoon Morakot Project

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On 8 August 2009, Typhoon Morakot devastated southern Taiwan. After the disaster, the Taiwan Red Cross rallied instantly in anticipation for disaster rescue and was included in government efforts to rebuild damaged sites. We adopted 1,378 permanent houses and supported the DIY reconstruction of 103 households. We also took part in the development of the Specialty Teaching Project, scholarships, livelihood support, sustainable forests, strengthened post-disaster rescue momentum, and various software reconstruction projects.

Constructing new houses and schools
Ri'an housing community,
Chiayi County
Among the 17 bases and 19 permanent housing community sites in five devastated counties and cities (Nantou, Chiayi, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, and Taitung), only six houses in Lujhu, Chiayi County and 16 houses in Baoshan Base, Kaohsiung City are still undergoing construction and scheduled to be completed in 2014. Our project completion rate has reached 98.4%. As for the "Self-Construction Plan," six houses in Chiayi County and one in Liuguei district, Kaohsiung City have been completed. Of the 96 households in the Namsia area that submitted applications, 87 obtained construction licenses. Among them, 57 have commenced construction, while 30 construction license applications are still being processed.

As for public facilities, the Taiwan Red Cross helped to build suspension bridges and renovated 11 schools. In 2013, Chiashien Junior High School and Changshan Elementary School in Kaohsiung City were added to the list of construction sites scheduled to be outsourced by 2014.

Specialty Teaching Project and disaster preparedness
Volunteers distributing
relief supplies
In view of the affected schools' efforts to promote specialty teaching following the Typhoon Morakot disaster, the Taiwan Red Cross launched the 2-year Specialty Teaching Project to encourage student development in six specialties: physical education, arts and humanities, foreign languages, sustainable environment, information science, and special needs. 41 projects from 53 schools in middle to southern Taiwan have been approved.

Beginning in 2013, the Taiwan Red Cross will set up disaster-prevention communities in affected areas to actively promote community disaster prevention. The Dahou Tribe in Pingtung and Nantou County also expressed willingness to join.

Software reconstruction items in the Typhoon Morakot Project include: five livelihood plans; community and life reconstruction work stations in eight areas; 10 reconstruction projects including grants to social workers and projects in cultural and educational categories; the promotion of disaster preparedness and prevention education; and reforestation plans in collaboration with the Council of Agriculture and Environmental Quality Protection Foundation.