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The Red Cross rushes to Shuilian Village to assess the disaster and provide assistance.

Following the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Hualien on April 3rd, continuous aftershocks have been occurring. On April 23rd, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake further devastated Shuilian Village, located at the epicenter. Chen Yuqiu, the Secretary-General of the Hualien Red Cross, along with local volunteer Wu Mingjie, rushed to survey the site today and will provide tents, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, and other necessary assistance based on the actual needs.

This series of earthquakes, both above magnitude 6, occurred twice during the late night of April 23rd, causing severe damage to nearly 400 households in Shuilian Village, which is situated near the epicenter in Shoufeng Township. Terrified villagers sought refuge in open spaces, afraid to return home, and enduring sleepless nights. Villagers expressed that this earthquake was even more intense than the one on April 3rd.

Ms. Zhang Huijuan, a teacher at Shuilian Elementary School and also a first aid trainer for the Hualien Red Cross, informed President Wang Qingfeng that the two earthquakes on April 26th caused many houses in Shuilian Village to collapse partially. Some households' outdoor toilets collapsed along with the earthquakes, rendering them unusable. Some farmers living in the mountains rely on cultivating bananas, citrus fruits, bamboo shoots, and betel nuts for their livelihoods. However, due to cracked cement roads, transportation has become difficult.

As most households are inhabited by solitary individuals who dare not return to their damaged homes, Village Chief Cai Suyue appealed for assistance from outside, hoping to provide tents, sleeping bags, and other supplies. Upon receiving this information, the Red Cross immediately mobilized the Hualien branch to conduct assessments and will continue to provide assistance promptly based on the needs of the affected residents.

Shuilian Village Location (from ETToday News)