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Red Cross Rushes to Hualien to Console Hospitalized Victims After Conclusion of Rescue Mission

During the visit, the injured and their families also shared their experiences of enduring the earthquake

Since the devastating earthquake struck on April 3rd, the Red Cross swiftly mobilized in collaboration with the Hualien Fire Department to provide vital support for rescue operations. President Wang Qingfeng promptly journeyed to Hualien upon the resumption of Taiwan Railways services, extending heartfelt respect and condolences to the courageous members of the Hualien Red Cross Disaster Rescue Team, who valiantly dedicated themselves to post-earthquake rescue efforts.
On April 9th, colleagues from the Red Cross visited hospitals and disaster-stricken areas, diligently liaising with relevant authorities to ascertain ongoing needs and meticulously preparing for the forthcoming distribution of condolence funds.

The Red Cross has compassionately reached out to and comforted the patients of Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital, Mennonite Christian Hospital, and Hualien Armed Forces General Hospital. Plans are underway to allocate condolence funds to support 30 hospitalized individuals, including an employee who sustained a collarbone fracture while en route to the Crystal Hotel in Hualien. His mother and brother are currently by his side at the hospital, fervently hoping for his swift recovery. Mr. Xu, proprietor of a poor over coffee shop in Shakadang, shared a resilient outlook despite his wife's serious injuries from falling rocks and the devastating loss of their family business. He expressed profound gratitude for the outpouring of support and condolences from the community.

During these visits, survivors and their families courageously recounted their harrowing experiences of the earthquake. Miss Lin, who relocated to Nantou following her marriage, returned to Hualien to visit her ailing father. As the earthquake struck, she found herself on the ground floor. In an instant, darkness enveloped her. Upon regaining consciousness in the hospital, she was informed of a fractured left wrist and a concussion requiring observation. Miss Lin reflects on how heightened disaster awareness might have mitigated her injuries, emphasizing the importance of immediate action, such as ceasing movement, crouching, and seeking protection during seismic events.

In addition to offering solace to the injured, the Red Cross undertook comprehensive assessments of affected communities to gauge the extent of structural damage. A total of seven collective residential areas were surveyed, enabling the organization to effectively validate needs and provide essential assistance to aid residents in overcoming this challenging period.

The exterior walls of the building are covered with X-shaped cracks

The house experienced deformation of door frames due to earthquake compression, causing cement to peel off, exposing the steel bars.

Mrs. Lin believes that if she had been sufficiently aware of disaster prevention measures, perhaps she would not have been injured so severely.