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[Taiwan Red Cross support the relevant substantive actions of the Russian Ukrainian humanitarian crisis]

The Red Cross is a global humanitarian organization. Our most important role is to protect and assist military personnel and civilians in armed conflicts according to the mandates given by the Geneva Conventions. Taiwan Red Cross(TRC) thanks the people around the world for your trust and support by donating to the Red Cross Society.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict has triggered a humanitarian crisis. So far, the actual actions of the Taiwan Red Cross Society are as follows:
► On 28th Feb. Taiwan Red Cross (TRC) issued a press release in response to the solicitation of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), hoping people to actively donate to the "Humanitarian Express" project to help the humanitarian crisis in the Russian Ukrainian conflict.
► On 15th March.
TRC has done a needs assessment with the help of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Taiwan, and identified a list of relief items. On the list, the requirement includes 7 major categories, such as sleeping bags, blankets from our Red Cross disaster preparedness centers, and those that were purchased by TRC, such as diapers for babies and adults, sanitary pads for women, raincoats, and instant rations like cookies, in a total of 1,700 boxes containing 242,200 pieces of relief items, all were delivered to the gathering point provided by the Government of Taiwan for the relief operation.
►On 17th March.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the donation ceremony of materials for the humanitarian crisis of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
TRC issued another press release on the donation of materials for the humanitarian crisis of theRussian-Ukrainian conflict. The 700 boxes of feminine hygiene products, adult and baby diapers from Unicharm Company were shipped to the Backer Founder warehouse. TRC’s colleagues carried out labeling, plate making and film sealing.
►On 18th March.
TRC completed 300 boxes of 3,600 packs of brown sugar rations for labeling, boarding and film sealing in Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City.
►On 22nd March.
TRC visited the factory that manufactured 100 boxes of 20,000 raincoats in Tainan City.
TRC donated 10,000 euros to the Romanian Red Cross.
►On 23 th March.
TRC donated 10,000 euros to the Slovak Red Cross and Red Cross Society of the Republic of Moldova.
►On 25 th March.
According to DHL's specifications, TRC boarded and sealed 100 boxes of 20,000 raincoats. (7 boards + 2 boxes)
►On 28 th March.

DHL picked up the 400 boxes (feminine hygiene products and adult diapers) and has flown them to Slovakia on 29 March.
►On 29 th March.
DHL picked up the 300 boxes (of baby diapers of sizes M, L and XL) for temporary storage in Taoyuan, and is waiting for further notification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
►On 31st March.
TRC donated 60,000 euros to the Polish Red Cross to purchase 6 medical materials, such as physiological monitors, electrocardiographs, vertical mobile ambulance equipment, medical waterproof backpacks, medical equipment boxes and pelvic fixation belts.

Donate to help those affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict:
Account No.: 121-20-0702388
Account Name: The Red Cross Society of the Republic of China
Donation note: Ukraine
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