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  Water Safety & First Aid
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Water Safety Volunteers

People flock to beaches and streams in the hot, humid summers of Taiwan. In order to maintain a safe environment for all, the Taiwan Red Cross not only actively trains lifeguards and instructors but has also assembled a Water Safety Volunteer community. Our volunteers are stationed at fixed locations throughout the summer months and have earned the gratitude of the people for their selfless dedication.

The Red Cross also provides water safety services for large-scale domestic water activities, such as the annual Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival. We urge the public to take water safety seriously and to avoid entering unfamiliar or potentially dangerous waters.

The Red Cross Water Safety Volunteer community currently consists of 7,300 volunteers grouped into 42 teams. While these volunteers are usually called upon to help promote water safety, they are also asked to lifeguard during the summer and are also ready to assemble for disaster relief during times of crisis.

First Aid Volunteer Instructors

In order to promote the concept of the golden hour following traumatic injury, the Taiwan Red Cross not only trains volunteer instructors but has also rallied instructors to form teams to pass on first aid knowledge to corporations and the general public. There are currently 1,300 volunteers grouped into 25 teams across the nation.


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