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  Youth Volunteers
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Domestic Youth

The Red Cross Youth was created as a means to give youth the opportunity to not only participate in the Red Cross movement, but also to learn self-management skills, gain field experience, meet like-minded friends and establish a charitable outlook on life.

We hope participating youths may gain the following from their experience:

  1. Acquire fundamental first aid knowledge and obtain certification.
  2. Exhibit the will to volunteer and actively engage in social service work.
  3. Get to know like-minded friends and participate in international exchange activities.
  4. Understand the context of international humanitarian law and promote the Red Cross movement.
  5. Learn and grow from various training sessions through participation and practice.

What we do:

  1. Actively organize cross-strait and international Red Cross Youth exchange activities, offering youth the chance to establish transnational friendships and to broaden their horizons.
  2. Recruit and train volunteers to join the Red Cross College Youth to uphold the spirit of the Red Cross Movement; establish long-term service points and organize various promotional events in the Taipei region; develop new activity models and practices, work guidelines and manuals to help Red Cross College Youth members organize events more efficiently and effectively recruit more members to join our cause.
  3. Assist branches in the training of schools wishing to establish Red Cross Youth Clubs to recruit more youth to participate in the Red Cross Movement and to promote community management and philanthropic services through care, services, growth, and publicity. We encourage students to organize and participate in various events focusing on health education, campus and community environment maintenance, care of the elderly and children, CPR, AED, basic care, first aid, or general disaster rescue knowledge.
  4. Conduct instructor seminars and training for group leaders, and publish youth services manuals, annual reports outlining service achievements and other publications in the attempt to help youth to improve team coordination and efficiently organize activities.
  5. Conduct outstanding team elections and student volunteer recognition events to encourage young people to actively participate in Red Cross volunteer service work.
  6. Development of Red Cross Youth Movement teaching material that can be used to promote Red Cross Movement campus awareness and to recruit youth volunteers.

Cross-Strait Youth

The Cross-Strait Red Cross Youth Winter Camp, launched in 2003, has been held in Harbin in Heilongjiang Province and in Taiwan, alternating between the two locations each year. Our two societies take turns organizing this event to cooperate in the promotion of cross-strait knowledge exchange. We hope the success of this camp will encourage cross-strait cooperation among Red Cross societies.


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