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  【The third Distribution of consolation money with total of NT$19.88 million】
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【The third Distribution of consolation money with total of NT$19.88 million】
Date : 2018/05/17
Third Distribution of consolation money

The Red Cross Society of the Republic of China (Taiwan) arrived at Hualien today (May/7/2018) for the third time to help with disaster relief missions, which was caused by the devastating earthquake that struck the eastern county of Taiwan in early February. After its last visit on April 2nd, TRC was accompanied by colleagues from its Hualien branch in the auditorium of the Hualien County Social Welfare Building to continue to console victims of the previous 68 cases, subsidize life necessities and hand out gift certificates to exchange for appliances, all of which are worth more than NT$6 million. In addition, TRC has also provided 34 educational reimbursements worth up to NT$0.74 million to 17 different local schools ranging from kindergartens to universities as of late May. (Kindergarten: 2 cases, Elementary: 10 cases, Junior high school: 9 cases, Senior high school: 6 cases, University: 7 cases)

TRC began disaster relief missions as soon as news broke out after the 0206 Hualien Earthquake, and has begun providing relief funds as early as February 12th. As of now, the organization has given monetary support to 16 family members of the victims. 5 Taiwanese, 9 Chinese and 6 Canadian family members each received NT$200,000 as a consolation to their loss. 14 patients who suffered injuries from the earthquake each also received NT$30,000 respectively and 3 foreign families of deceased victims traveling to Taiwan each received NT$10,000 worth of relief fund. A total of NT$3.65 million has been given to the families or victims in need. All of the first stage of relief funds have been sent out, except for the money for the family of Pilipino caretaker Melody is still being processed at the Manila Economic and Cultural Office; however, it is expected to be remitted in the near future. As for the second stage of relief funds from April 2nd, the 107 cases comprised of consolation money for injured victims, subsidies for life necessities and gift certificates to exchange for appliances are worth a sum of NT$9,462,000.

The Taiwan Red Cross deployed its rescue team and 84 of its members to fully commit to help the rescue efforts within the 60 hours after the horrific earthquake abolished Taiwan’s eastern coast. TRC also eagerly began plans to raise funds and help restore the damages that has been done soon after the tragedy. Fund raising for the 0206 Hualien Earthquake ended on May 6th, and thanks to many generous donners from around the world, the organization successfully raised a total donation more than NT$39 million. Approximately NT$ 19.88 million was designated as relief and educational funds in the three stages of monetary relief efforts. All of the remaining funds are used for disaster relief purposes and are given out to help the country of Hualien and the people that are affected by the earthquake.

TRC upholds good faith and commits fully to dedicate itself to disaster relief efforts.
TRC is determined to fight for all humanitarian efforts, and appreciates the support and donations domestic or foreign, corporate or civilian.
By helping those influenced by the earthquake, TRC stands by the idea, “saving lives is a humanitarian act”

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